Paintings by Martino Fiorattini (IT)

"Between melons and mosquitoes"

This special exhibition is made up of about 40 art pieces with thick and bright colours portraying fields, wild animals, farmsteads and portraits. A mild yet sociable character, Fiorattini (born: Casteldidone, Cremona, 1928 – died: Casalmaggiore, Cremona, 1997) cultivates melons until the age of 50, when he suddenly starts to reduce his work in the fields and picks up the brush in spite of the whole town considering it to be rather odd. Now he is on his own path of self-taught artist, and he will keep painting unrelentlessly until the end of his days.

He is referred to as “visionario padano” (visionary of the Po valley) due to his thick brushwork and its dazzling colours used to paint the environment, that small slice of land animated by animals and plants. The big river (the Po) often makes an appearance on his canvas, with its canals winding through fields and villages and the animals transformed by Martino in majestic yet familiar creatures: the nocturnal lynx, the horse, dogs, roosters and chickens but also moths, mosquitoes, flies and more flying insects. His paintings hold secrets, mysterious details telling imaginary and wild tales.

It’s the Ligabue era, of whom Fiorattini might have seen a exhibit. Just like how he must have leafed through a book about Van Gogh, absorbed Chagall and Delaunay’s abstract art, as well as Picasso and Die Brücke: Martino succeeds in making all of these concepts his own and bringing new ideas with a personal and innovative pictorial intensity, recognisable by strong emotional tones mediated by bright colours and a violent chromatic contrast, making him a true master of colour.

Discovered nearly twenty years after his death thanks to an intuition by Bruno Arcari, artist and framer from Casalmaggiore, and after an exhibit held at the Diotti museum in Casalmaggiore (in November 2015, organised by art historian Bianca tosatti) and a second one at Maroncelli 12 Gallery which launched him for the first time in Milan (May 2016), Martino Fiorattini is an aauthentic revelation, flying now to GAIA Museum.

A special thanks to Antonia Jacchia, Maroncelli 12, to Bruno Arcari and Fiorattini´s famili for their collaboration.

Dates: Saturday 7. April - Saturday 18. August 2018

  15 - M.F. Senza titolo olio su tela 50 x 40 cm


86 - cm. 45 x 55 collezione fiorattini


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