GAIA ArtLab is a newly planned 3-year education for young people and adults with special needs.

The purpose of the education is to enable the student to develop skills within different art disciplines, including drawing, painting, sculpting, graphical art and media art. Furthermore, teaching is theoretically founded for the purpose of providing the student with an understanding of art as a means of expression and art as culture.

GAIA ArtLab resides under the educational programme, Særligt Tilrettelagt Ungdomsuddannelse (STU) (Specially Planned Youth Education). The education is targeted at young people with special needs who are incapable of carrying through existing education even though they receive socioeducational support. The education is thereby also aimed at the personal, social and other professional competences of the students, so that the individual young person can have as independent and active a participation in the adult life as possible.

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