Outsider Art Past Forward is a project that is developed in cooperation between 4 cultural organisations devoted to the promotion and communication of the domain of outsider art in Europe. The project is funded by the European Union's Culture Programme (2007-2013).

The project partners are:

GAIA Museum Outsider Art (co-ordinator)

Kunsthaus Kannen (co-beneficiary)

Museum Dr. Guislain (co-beneficiary)

Union for Rural Culture and Education (co-beneficiary)


The core of ‘Outsider Art Past Forward’ is to explore the field of outsider art in present-day Europe and view it in the light of the traditional conception of this kind of artistic expressions. The partners will take part in a piece of research which is based on collecting information on existing cultural and educational organisations. By using and sharing our different skills, experiences and networks we will thus create a platform for enlightening the current situation of European outsider art. The results of the research will be published in a sourcebook and form the introductions to a debate at 3 symposiums with different themes; Outsider Art in Eastern Europe, Outsider Art in Practice and New Outsider Art and Intercultural Movement.

An important objective of this project is to bring different organisations from all of Europe together and provide an opportunity for cultural workers to share knowledge and experiences, exchange artistic works and exhibitions and encourage to establishing partnerships on a trans-national level. To support this purpose there will be arranged a forum for outsider art studios to present their works, learn from others and build networks.

Moreover, the project is meant to strengthen the existing networks within the field of marginalised art in Europe and promote its valuable artistic expressions as a part of the diversity of the European cultural sector.

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