Sheltered employment and vocational education and training

"Sheltered employment is not only about giving substance to the daily life of the employed. It's also about developing and creating a connection with the labour market. The goal, of course, is to create employment and workplaces with as ordinary terms as possible. Because this will undoubtedly benefit the disabled person and the labour market".

By Minister for Social Affairs, Eva Kjer Hansen, in 2004, presenting the Government’s strategy for "Disabled and work – Employment strategy for disabled people".

Employment at GAIA Museum:

At GAIA Museum members of staff with special needs are employed a verry vibrant workplace and all jobs are important in order to create a good museum experience for our visitors.

Contact the museum if you what to learn more about GAIA Museum as a working place for people with special needs.

You need a referral from your social worker to work at GAIA Museum.

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