The molecule candle stick

By Dorte Eiersbo

At the early days of the museum in 2002 - we did not have many visitors as few people knew of our existence, and the precondition for having employed ten people with special needs was to attract visitors.

We obtained a contract for gluing cardboard knife holders. A gluing machine was made at our disposal and we glued many every day. We gave to give pep talks each morning and provide motivation throughout the day but we were still unable to fulfil the agreement.

Something had to be done, and I thought the solution would be to have our own production without deadlines that we were unable to keep. I therefore contacted designer Mitten Ferrar to find out if we could create something that fitted the target group and would also reflect the spirit of the museum.

Mitten Ferrar introduced us to the illustration of the molecule candle stick and we immediately put it into production. The molecule candle stick reflected the very spirit of the museum with its richness of colours and with its many small buds as an expression of our constant high amount of projects.

The molecule candle stick lived a quiet stable life until Entré Living shop phoned in December 2008 and ordered candle sticks for all their shops in Jylland as a special Christmas offer.

After this, our fortune was made and we now sell in several lifestyle shops in Denmark. This means that we have a workshop with eight employees who daily find great joy in producing something that other people want.


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