The first artists at GAIA

27. September -12. November 2022

The anniversary exhibition presents six of the first artists at GAIA Akademi, who continue to work at GAIA. It is Lis Jensen's with drawings of motifs that she imagines seeing from a plane. Lis has been involved since the very beginning in 2002.

Maiken Buchardt exhibits sculptures made of thread and yarn, which express a unique sense of color and free composition.

Maria Sloth Sørensen is exhibiting a series of five large paintings depicting the terrorist attack in New York on 9/11.

In addition, Pernille Riebling Hansen participates with expressive portraits in ink,

Jens Rosenkilde with collages with motifs of historical character and Claus Thomsen with sculptures, which bear witness to an artist who is also an inventor.

The exhibition is shown in GAIA Museum's special exhibition room.