11. january - 22. August

Saturday, 11. January 2020 opens a new special exhibition at GAIA Museum, which celebrates the internationally acclaimed Randers artist Judith Damgaard Nielsen (1954-2019). The exhibition consists of works from different periods in the artist's career, each of which testifying to the great creator delight and unique artistic understanding of complex compositions that characterise Judith's creative practices.

As an artist, one can often only dream of having ones works exhibited in galleries around the world, but for Judith it has long been a reality: across borders, cultures and personal backgrounds, her art has touched, awakened recognition and challenged the way we see ourselves and each other.

Over 20 years as a pupil at art school Bifrost, Judith eagerly unfolded through various art forms, such as sculptures, prints and drawings, but it was above all the painting that was her preferred form of expression. Motives such as animals and nature often go back into her works, but she was inspired by almost everything around them, which was put together in a collagal manner in colourful and marvelous compositions. As evidenced by the works in the exhibition, her form of language changed gradually during her artistic career from the figurative to the more abstract, but her style and approach to art remained unrecognable her own.

"We are very proud to present this retrospective exhibition and would like to give special thanks to Bifrost for making the exhibition possible as well as the family of Judith for their goodwill," says Anna Noe Bovin, head of the GAIA Museum and Academy.

There is free access both to the special exhibition and the permanent collection of the GAIA Museum.

Gaia Museum, Lene Bredahls Gade 10, 8900 Randers C