No more -isms"

Art work by the Danish artist Iben Jørgensen (1968-2022)

Special exhibition 3. May to 17. August 2024

How do you describe a person in words? Not least such a colorful and complex person, full of great contradictions and emotions, as Iben was.


She could fill a room with her warmth, her beautiful appearance, laughter, humor and with her happy, festive nature invite everyone to join in. Or she could hide behind the paint stained, dark clothes with her hair down in front of her face, afraid to be noticed.


Iben preferred colors and shapes to words. She expressed herself best with colors, drawing, painting, modeling, putting things together for new expressions. From the time she was a very little girl, she drew rather than explaining herself in words. It was not always easy in a family where the rest of the family members were better with words than with images. But Iben held on and drew on.


Iben was very conscious of her appearance. Always dressed in great care, hair and jewelry according to mood, shoes without a concern for the Danish climate. Who says long dress and platform sandals are incompatible with snowy weather? Why shouldn't a nice toy car be mounted on a chain with pearls and adorn the neckline? And who decides that a woolen bathrobe cannot be used as a coat? Iben decided for himself and had his very own ever-changing style. Always beautiful, always spectacular.


Just like her pictures. Powerful colors, dancing figures with beautiful shapes and anxious eyes, big listening ears, and wild hair. A diversity of life and color, hope, and despair, of artistic expression.


GAIA Museum borrowed the artwork from Iben´s sister, Maj Jørgensen, who also wrote the text about Iben and her artwork. The exhibition is curated in cooperation with Peter Bjørn Franceschi from Projekt Råkunst at the Psychiatric Center Amager.