GAIA Museum – a special place in Denmark

GAIA Museum Outsider Art was founded in Randers in 2002. It is a special museum with a focus on outsider art, also called Art Brut.

GAIA is shows the breadth of outsider art in a permanent exhibition as well as in changing special exhibitions. It differs from other museums by having creative workshops, a studio and art academy.

The organisation is run by artistic and pedagogical educated staff together with people with various handicaps, such as Downs Syndrome, Autism and learning disabilities.

The collection at GAIA Museum consists of works from all over the world. New works of art are added, often in the form of donations, or in connection with the museum's three annual special exhibitions, where selected works are purchased and included in the collection.

“Outsider art is the product of an authentic impulse to create and is free from conscious artifice. It has nothing to do with academic standards but everything to do with passion and caprice”

Roger Cardinal, 1979

The GAIA Academy

of Arts

In connection with the museum is GAIA Academy, which is a studio and art education whose purpose is to support the artists' work and development. The working day alternates between joint projects and own work. The artists are periodically introduced to different working methods and techniques, and inspiration is drawn from museum visits, travels or visits from guests who come to GAIA.

The Academy Artists not only work with art on a practical, physical level, but also with the dissemination of art, e.g. with the awareness of their own works and the development of the ability to present their own art to others.

Visit GAIA

There is free admitance to GAIA and parking possibilities at the main entrance. You can visit the Museum as well as the Academy. You can also visit the lunch café GAIA Papaya, the museum shop, the framing workshop and the different creative workshops.

It is possible to book guided tours and artistic workshops (for scool groups etc.). Please contact us at or + 4589158338

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